Oil and Gas Recruitment

The UAE is the seventh largest producer of crude oil in the world, and it also holds the seventh largest natural gas deposits globally. Abu Dhabi holds more than 90 percent of the country’s oil resources, with Dubai coming second and leading other Emirates in the amount of oil reserves.

As a country with rich deposits of oil and natural gas, the UAE has one of the most lucrative oil and gas sectors in the world, which have attracted numerous local and international businesses.

If you are on the hunt for professionals and industry experts to join your onshore or offshore oil company or project, Robber Murray and Associates is the leading recruitment agency in UAE that can help your find and source the most qualified and experienced candidates.

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Find the most outstanding professionals with our specialised oil & gas recruitment solution

We are one of the foremost oil and gas recruitment agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi providing tested and proven solutions in sourcing various professionals and specialists for the Oil & Gas Sector, including Drilling, Energy, and Mining Engineers, Safety Managers, Geoscientists and Geochemists, Geologists, and Hydrographic Surveyors, as well as office-based roles such as Accountants, Managers, Supervisors and Administrators.

Our talent sourcing team is composed of experienced Human Resource professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry in the UAE and the Middle East. We implement a stringent screening process to pinpoint candidates that match the qualifications, background, experience, training and certifications you require.

We will provide you with comprehensive information on candidate profiles and work with you closely for further assessment until you have decided on a candidate. With our extensive database of candidates and wide reach in the job markets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we can ensure you of a thorough and efficient selection process that produces results within the soonest possible time.

Collaborate with the trusted name among recruitment agencies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Robbert Murray has been providing corporations and SMEs in UAE with the most competent and reliable talents who help their organisations grow and gain better competitive edge in their industries.

We thrive in the challenge of examining the unique corporate needs of our clients so our team can identify the best people who can best fit their culture and working environment, while carrying out responsibilities with excellence and in line with the client’s standards and expectations.

To start the recruitment process for your team and/or company, get in touch with us today through: +9715-64467975 / +971 4 341 8727. Or send your enquiry to [email protected].


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