Healthcare Recruitment

When it comes to healthcare, finding and acquiring qualified professionals for the job is non-negotiable.

Make sure you source the best healthcare experts, with assistance from one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in UAE today – Robbert Murray and Associates.

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Our strengths as one of the top healthcare recruitment agencies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

Robbert Murray and Associates is an established name in executive search and recruitment, having successfully delivered world-class personnel solutions to clients all over the UAE.

From the biggest and most successful companies to small and medium-sized businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our commitment remains the same – to provide our clients with customised recruitment solutions that meet their specific needs, without exceeding their allocated budget.

Our talent sourcing specialists will enable you to find internationally trained, highly experienced and licensed doctors, specialists, nurses and healthcare professionals for your hospital, medical centre or specialty clinic, be it in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere in UAE.
We implement a thorough and detail-oriented screening process which allows us to locate and connect with the industry’s leading medical specialists and professionals in a diverse array of practices and specialisations.

By entrusting your organisation’s healthcare recruitment to our team, you can continue focusing on providing high-quality medical care and services to your patients, while we take care of finding the right people that meet the qualifications you have outlined, fit the culture of your organisation, and share the same passion, commitment and mission as you do.

Partner with one of the trusted recruitment agencies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE today

Finding the right people is the first step towards ensuring the continued growth and success of your organisation. Our experienced recruitment specialists possess exceptional understanding of the UAE market, allowing us to identify the most suitable candidates in various industries. We facilitate a smooth and cost-effective talent sourcing process that allows our clients to find the professionals they need within their expected timeframe and without disrupting the flow of their operations.

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