Expo 20/20


We are all set to looking for talent and filling up Dubai 2020 Expo jobs. Join our UAE job hiring rush today.

The Middle East and North Africa are growing at very fast pace, especially after the Dubai Expo 20/20 announcement. We are now riding a wave of progress across these regions. As a result, we have seen many new companies setting up their offices in Dubai and in other areas.

Fill Your Dubai Expo 20/20 Job Vacancies

We believe that this rapid growth is increasing the demand for corporate talents. RM & Associates has extensive experience in fulfilling the staffing needs of many companies and projects in North America and Europe. With our expertise and proven track record in management consulting and HR, we are all set to respond to the region’s human resources needs.

Our company specializes in finding talent that can fulfill B-Level and C-Level roles. We are also equipped in providing multinational firms with payroll services and facilitate the application of visas. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services and how we can reduce HR costs for your business.