Know Your Hiring Needs: Why It’s Vital and How To Do It Right


Have you been racking your brains trying to figure out where to get quality candidates for your company?

Were you just pulling your hair out thinking of how to sift through the hundred and one job applicants?

Is it driving you up the wall that you could not seem to find the best match?

Hiring Know-how

If you are a hiring manager who is already at your wits’ end, perhaps our years of expertise and experience as top headhunters in Dubai can help you.

We have been helping firms in the UAE establish their business, providing staff for both the business groups and private corporations, as well as for the government sector. Our proven work record providing multinationals within the Middle East and even in Africa with exceptional talents could be beneficial to you.

Whether you need to hire for permanent positions or long-term personnel for entire projects, there are certain questions that you must ask yourself first. The answers to these queries are vital in leading you to the correct formula for hiring success.

What are these fundamental factors and why is it imperative that you know them?

Read on and discover helpful hiring practices by asking yourself a series of questions:

Question #1: Have I developed an accurate job description, salary statement and requirements?

If you’ve been a hiring manager for quite some time, you must know that demands change and, with that, job descriptions change as well. A business manager’s list of qualifications from five years ago is relatively different from the list of today, for example. The same goes with the salary grade or benefits that come with a certain position.

Review your current job description:

  • Does it paint a clear picture of the job using only a few, concise and professional (read: impersonal) sentences?
  • Did you make use of action words (e.g., liaise, develop, execute, etc.) in outlining the duties and responsibilities?
  • Have you highlighted your “must-haves” (e.g., must be computer-literate or must be a graduate of a business course)?

Also, remember to include employment terms (e.g., long term hire, fixed salary, regularization period, etc.) as well as any employment legislation. You must include if the chosen applicant will need to relocate, or if there are telecommuting or travel opportunities, and the like.

Do not exaggerate nor riddle your job description with company jargon, a multitude of “must-haves” or overly complex terms and words. Keep it simple but straightforward. You want to attract the appropriate audience with a carefully crafted job criterion.

Question #2: Does our workforce have all the skills we need?

Step back and review your current workforce. Is it working like a well-oiled machine or does it sputter on and off because of some gaps in the skill sets your employees have?

Evaluate if the skills your company requires are already in an existing employee or if you need to train a new one. Moreover, see if you really need to hire a new person or you just have to invest in intensive training. You may need to get someone new onboard if the person who has the skills you need leaves, and therefore creates a space to be filled.

An extensive review of your present personnel can give you a better understanding of the skills that your organization already have or lack. This will pave the way for you to also have a planned succession within the company.

If there are qualified and productive personnel, then it might be time to promote internally and simply hire for entry-level positions that that previous employee vacated.

Question #3: Where am I going to find new employees?

Now that you basically know what you need, it is time for you to shake a leg and start looking for your best candidates.

Knowing where to find them is key.

Ask yourself: Who among my network best fits the role? See if you know of someone within your circle who can be a possible contender for the position. All these can be good sources:

  • Previous employees with a good track record
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Professional associations
  • Online organizations
  • Community groups

Tap colleges, job fairs, or recruitment agencies as well. These places are teeming with people looking to find work and you just might find The One (for the job) there.

Recruit a Consultant

When you have answered these questions properly, you have a greater chance of landing the best applicant that can fill the position.

With the multitude of job seekers out there, you can still be overwhelmed by the sheer volume. On the other hand, if you are looking for a highly specific job, then you might also end up empty-handed.

This is where you will really appreciate the help of recruitment consultant. Hiring experienced recruitment specialists can take the burden off your shoulders by finding and matching the right people to the right jobs.

Here are key benefits that you can gain from a recruitment consultant:

1. Terrific time savings

You save time searching for applicants. With a qualified and experienced recruitment agency, you can get the right people connected to the job position in no time.

2. A great fit

A recruitment consultant can help you match your specific job description with quality candidates from across managerial levels, covering niche industries and scouring local and international arenas just to meet your requirements.

3. Stringent standards

A recruitment agency team of professionals takes the time to carefully evaluate each client to have a better understanding of its specific needs and business values.

At the same time, job applicants are scrupulously screened according to exacting professional standards to get only the cream of the crop.

Only then can the executive search process go underway to find the perfect fit that will guarantee satisfaction on both ends.

All’s well that ends well

In hiring the perfect personnel for a position, it is imperative to know what you need. By asking questions that underline the specific job description and requirements, you will be able to arrive at answers that will fill the void in your organization.

Going through a personal Q&A will guide you towards a more concrete and efficient way to sift through the fluff and discover that gem of a talent that your firm needs.

With the help of a consultant, you will be able to cut down time tracking these highly skilled treasures. A recruitment consultant will also ensure that these talents have been carefully sifted and painstakingly polished to give you a multi-faceted diamond that will add sparkle and shine to your company.

For more great advice, contact our hiring specialists.